Rapid Point of Care Diagnostics for ZIKV, DENV, CHKV Using Blue Ray Technology

Organization: BluSense Diagnostics

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Problem: In order to control the epidemics, and to provide care to infected people avoiding further complications, ZIKV blood tests need to be available at the point-of-care (POC) without the need of central hospital laboratories. Tests should be affordable, quantitative, easy-to-run, requiring minimal sample, and results should be quickly available.

Solution: BluSense is developing a one-drop-of-blood quantitative POC tests for DENV and ZIKV. The solution consists of a reader, and single-use blood test cartridges, specifically designed for targeting different viruses. The VIRO-Track cartridges have been designed and developed to be the first quantitative rapid tests able to quickly and accurately diagnose dengue, zika and chikungunya, using a single drop of blood. By combining microfluidic technology and a patented opto-magnetic nanoparticle-based readout, differential quantification of biomarkers is carried out in few minutes, with mini-mum user interaction. VIRO-Track will allow doctors operating far from centralized laboratories to quickly identify the severity and the nature of the infection, without the need of waiting for lab confirmation and will allow patients to receive appropriate treatment promptly.


Headshot of Filippo Bosco

Filippo Bosco: – PhD, Dublin City University; Dipl. Ing., University of Freiburg, IMTEK

Headshot of Marco Donolato

Marco Donolato: – PhD, Technical University of Denmark; M.Sc., Politecnico di Milano

Headshot of Robert Burger

Robert Burger: – PhD, Technical University of Denmark; M.Sc., Politecnico di Milano

Primary motivation:

"BluSense is a start up from the Technical University of Denmark, where our opto-magnetic detection technology was developed. We founded BluSense in order to turn innovative research into real products. At BluSense, we are driven by the idea to bring affordable, easy-to-use diagnostic solutions that deliver lab-grade results to as many people worldwide as possible. We believe that better diagnostics is the key improve health and well-being of millions of people."

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